Unveiling Nordic Innovations

Finnish Innovations at the Forefront of Sustainable Housing

A Finnish company constructing sustainable housing through innovative design and construction methods, with environmentally friendly homes as the goal. The company strives to achieve this by merging global architectural expertise with cutting-edge technology and environmental science. The result? Homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but minimize environmental impact.

Their mission: beautiful, sustainable homes accessible to all.

“Asumma is committed to making sustainable living accessible and practical for everyone. Our technology not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that our homes are built with the highest standards of sustainability,” says Martti Mela, CEO.

The company’s interdisciplinary teams, drawing from extensive experience in large-scale projects like museums and hospitals, infuse their designs with cutting-edge techniques and functionality. They consider the unique characteristics of each geographic location, tailoring materials, methods, and architectural elements accordingly.

Understanding that a home embodies a distinct language and atmosphere, timber architecture aims for a personalized and intimate living space. And meticulously considering local materials, construction methods, and architectural styles, ensuring each home is truly built for its environment. Moreover, rooted in the Nordic region, where weather poses significant challenges, the priority is resilience against extreme conditions, particularly focusing on water and moisture management to ensure health and safety indoors. Asumma strives in their homebuilding process to, through innovated data-driven design and cost-effective construction, maintain transparency in pricing. The company are committed to sustainable practices, evident in features like Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) structures, sustainable energy systems, and ample natural light.

Key among numerous innovations is; sustainable energy systems, incorporating renewable sources such as solar panels and ground-source heat pumps. Bioclimatic design principles and hydronic floor heating further enhance energy efficiency and comfort, while a focus on life cycle assessment ensures holistic sustainability across the homebuilding process.

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