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Helsinki Hot Heart – decarbonizing the heating system

Decarbonization with Floating Tropical Islands

Helsinki, a city renowned for its innovative spirit, is taking a leap towards a sustainable future with the Helsinki Hot Heart project. The initiative, which won the Helsinki Energy Challenge, aims to decarbonize the city’s heating system by 2030 through a unique combination of thermal energy storage and recreational spaces.


The Helsinki Hot Heart project envisions a series of artificial islands that serve dual purposes: storing thermal energy and providing vibrant recreational areas. These islands will store excess renewable energy in the form of heat, which can then be used to warm the city during the cold Finnish winters. This innovative approach addresses the critical need for sustainable and efficient energy storage solutions.

Collaborative Effort

The project is a result of an international collaboration involving several organizations and experts:
CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati: Leading the design
Ramboll: General engineering
Transsolar: Climate engineering
Danfoss Leanheat: Demand management engineering
Schneider Electric: Technology partner for sustainability and energy efficiency
OP Financial Group: Financial analysis
schlaich bergermann partner: Lightweight structural engineering
Squint/Opera: Communications partner

Features and Benefits

The Hot Heart islands are designed to be more than just functional. They will include tropical forests, providing a unique recreational space for residents and tourists alike. This blend of utility and leisure demonstrates that environmental initiatives can also contribute to social and economic well-being.

The project will significantly reduce Helsinki’s carbon footprint by leveraging renewable energy sources and cutting dependence on fossil fuels. This transition is crucial for the city to meet its ambitious climate targets and set an example for other cities worldwide.

What’s Next?

As cities around the globe grapple with the challenges of climate change, the Helsinki Hot Heart project offers a visionary template for urban sustainability. By combining innovative engineering, renewable energy, and vibrant community spaces, it demonstrates that the future of urban living can be both green and enjoyable.

For more detailed information about the Helsinki Hot Heart project, visit the official Helsinki Hot Heart website:

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